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We are a dedicated Celiac Friendly Gluten Free Bakery. While we realize that some of our customers have other dietary needs we cannot guarantee the absence of trace amounts of the following: corn, soy, egg, dairy, nuts

If you have a food allergy or special dietary requirement please leave a note in the special instructions section on the cart page and will do our best to accommodate.


Gluten free baking does require the usage of Xanthan Gum in all products as it mimics what gluten accomplishes in regular baking .  Our Xanthan Gum is manufactured by fermentation of carbohydrates containing raw materials like  corn sugar (glucose), sugar beet or sugar cane.  The xanthan gum we use is allergen-free and produced from non-genetically modified organisms.  The amount of xanthan gum used is very minimal, about 1% of the weight of flour used.


We only use a non- GMO organic yellow corn flour in the following items: Sourdough bread and buns, Baguette, Honey seed loaf, Quinoa loaf, Challah bread, Burger and hot dog buns, Chia flax loaf (contains cornmeal), and crostini (crackers).

We do use some glucose syrup that is corn sugar in the following items:  Florentine bar, Cranberry Pecan tart, Chocolate caramel silk torte, and the Mocha profiterole.

We also do use Xanthan gum that is made from either corn sugar, sugar beet or sugar cane.


We do not use any artificial or substitute sweeteners but use regular white or brown sugar.  Our baking style is to reduce the amount of sugar in all recipes while still maintaining the flavor, texture and look of the product.


Unfortunately, we are not a nut free facility. We do use nuts in our facility and therefore cannot guarantee there will be no cross contamination.


FREE OF: gluten | dairy | egg | corn | soy | nuts or vegan


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Morning Glory Muffins
Pie Dough
Pecan Dried Fruit French Toast 


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