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We are a dedicated Celiac Friendly Gluten Free Bakery.
We also offer a wide selection of Dairy Free, Nut Free and Vegan options.

*Check our Instagram for holidays and Christmas break hours*

3385 Cambie Street,
Vancouver BC
(Cambie and 18th)

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Shop by category or dietary restriction in our online store. Or call in an order between 12 NOON and 6PM Wednesday to Sunday. Online and phone orders require 72 hours notice. Can't wait, come into our bakery OPEN WED-SUN 10AM • 6PM.

'Not Available': items marked 'Not Available' or 'N/A' are either out of season or not available due to supply issues. Certain items are available only during specific seasons. For example: summertime, Halloween, Valentine's or Christmas time. If you have any questions contact us.

Walk-ins are welcome, we’d love to see you!! No pre-ordering is required. Stop by during our business hours and we can help you with your decision and any of your dietary needs.

If you have something specific you’d like to purchase (ie. cinnamon danish) we do recommend you pre order (place on hold) as we do tend to sell out of certain items, then you can add other items to your order when in the bakery.

Sometimes some of the sizes or flavours for an item are prone to sell out quickly. This is why we can not guarantee it will be available for online purchases. If you want to purchase this item, please come into the bakery!

Pre-payment may be required for your order based on the size and customization of the items being ordered. Our team will be in touch with you directly if payment is required prior to confirming your order.

We do our best to complete all orders that are placed. However, sometimes an item in your cart is not available at the time we fill your order. We will follow up with you if there are any issues with your order.

PICKUP ORDERS: We will email you when your order is confirmed and ready for Pickup.

DELIVERY ORDERS: Our team will follow up with you to set up a delivery time and payment for Delivery.

Pay at Pickup: Any unpaid orders not picked up at closing will not be held to the following day unless arranged by you.

Pay Online:Due to our limited space any pre paid orders will be held for 24 hrs only then will be donated to the Food Bank with no store credit given.

If we are able to sell the product at no extra cost to us, store credit will be given.


Pay at pickup is the best payment option for pickup orders. You can add items to your order when you Pickup at the store!! Due to new credit card fees, we accept Visa & Mastercard but we encourage you to pay with cash or debit.

Skip the line when you pay online. In your order confirmation email will send you a phone number to call and skip the line when you arrive at the bakery. Pick up times for this service are between 12 NOON to 5PM Wed to Sunday

** When you arrive at the bakery, call the phone number posted on our outside table and we'll bring your order out to you.

Pickup & Delivery

Online order pickup hours are WED-SUN 12 NOON to 5PM
3385 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC
(Cambie and 18th)
*If you require a pick up time before 12 noon please contact the bakery to arrange.

For an additional $15-$40 courier fee (depending on location) we offer selective deliveries to the Greater Vancouver Area (WED-SUN only). If your location and products* are eligible for delivery, our team will follow up with you to set up a delivery time and payment for Delivery. The delivery date must be a minimum of 3 days after an online order is placed.

*Not available for delivery Some products are perishable if not kept refrigerated so they are not available for delivery. If you want a product that is marked as “Not available for delivery”, order it for pickup or come into our shop! Delivery orders that have “Not available for delivery” items will be cancelled.


Pickup hours are WED-SUN 12NOON to 5PM
*Hours subject to change on holidays and Christmas break*

Product Care

Cakes & Cupcakes: Keep refrigerated and enjoy within 3 days, or freeze in airtight container for up to 4 weeks (cannot be frozen: Mango mousse with raspberry, Campfire cupcake/cake, Vanilla raspberry cupcake/cake)

Tea Cakes:(Lemon Loaf, Banana Loaf, and Orange Almond Cake) Keep refrigerated and enjoy within 3 days, or freeze up to 6 weeks in airtight container

Keep refrigerated and enjoy within 3 days, we don't recommend freezing tarts

Keep refrigerated for up to 1 week or freeze up to 1 month

Croissants: Best kept refrigerated then reheat fully in the oven to make crispy and flakey again (heating in the microwave will work but they will be more chewy and less flakey)

Cookies & Bars:
Keep refrigerated and enjoy within 3 days, or freeze up to 6 weeks in airtight container

Our breads are best sliced or unsliced at room temperature for 3-4 days or sliced and frozen for up to 2 months.
Frozen Sliced Bread: From the freezer just toast up the slices to your preference or if you just want soft bread microwave slices for 30-45 seconds on HIGH until steaming hot, set aside till cool for 2 minutes and VIOLA it's like having a freshly baked piece of bread, soft and chewy!
Finding your bread a bit crumbly? the above trick of either toasting or heating on HIGH in the microwave will resolve that problem!!!

Room temperature and enjoy in 2 days. Reheat in a 325F oven for 10 minutes and it's like a freshly baked baguette!

All Purpose Flour,
Pancake Mix & Pastry Flour Blends: Shelf life is at least 6-10 months


YES! it’s all GLUTEN FREE! We are a dedicated Celiac Friendly Gluten Free Bakery. We also offer a wide selection of Dairy Free, Egg Free and Vegan options. You can view more about what goes into our products on the ingredients page.We also have details about potential allergens and what our products are free off in each product description. If you have any extra questions please contact us.

On our home page, we have a category called Dairy Free which lists all our dairy free products. You can also sort each product category by dietary restriction, for example, dairy free, or nut free.

You can sort every category by dietary restriction, for example, dairy free, or nut free. Use the checkboxes on the left hand side of the screen to filter the products you can eat.

You can also email us with your list of dietary restrictions and we’ll help you out.

Unfortunately, we are not a nut free facility. We do use nuts in our facility and therefore cannot guarantee there will be no cross contamination.

We are sorry but we do not make anything that is suitable for diabetics. We do not use any artificial or substitute sweeteners. We use regular white or brown sugar. Our baking style is to reduce the amount of sugar in all recipes while still maintaining the flavor, texture and look of the product.

Yes we do. Gluten free baking does require the usage of Xanthan Gum in all products as it mimics what gluten accomplishes in regular baking . Our Xanthan Gum is manufactured by fermentation of carbohydrates containing raw materials like corn sugar (glucose), sugar beet or sugar cane. The xanthan gum we use is allergen-free and produced from non-genetically modified organisms. The amount of xanthan gum used is very minimal, about 1% of the weight of flour used.

We only use a non- GMO organic yellow corn flour in the following items: Sour dough bread and buns, Baguette, Honey seed loaf, Quinoa loaf, Challah bread, Burger and hot dog buns, Chia flax loaf (contains cornmeal), and crostini (crackers). We do use some glucose syrup that is corn sugar in the following items: Florentine bar, Cranberry Pecan tart, Chocolate caramel silk torte and the Mocha profiterole. We also do use Xanthan gum that is made from either corn sugar, sugar beet or sugar cane.

General FAQ

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